“Change all the traffic lights in town
from yellow, red and green
to only yellow– THAT
will bring improvement to the scene!”

So said our mayor, in response
to problems in our town,
and passed a law that all lights
green and red be taken down.

“There’s too much go-go-go,” said he,
explaining what he meant,
“and too much stopping on a dime!
It’s causing accidents!”

“In times like these, we need more things
with which we can agree–
the one fact we can all embrace
is our uncertainty!”

This mollified opposing sides
who gaily called a truce,
and yellow traffic lights became
the only ones in use.

At first, the cheery amber globes
that shone above our roads
seemed to portend good fortune
with the light that they bestowed,

but after the inaugural trial
was a catastrophe,
the bloom was off the yellow rose
of this failed novelty.

For having only “CAUTION”
as the solitary rule
led not to safety, but to wrecks
ablaze with burning fuel.

MORAL: (if not already clear
to anyone not blind)
in order to live well and long

–Jim Meskimen