I always think that folks get interested in someone performing celebrity impressions because the whole issue of personal identity is such a hot “button” for people.

“Who the Hell AM I?” is a question most of us has asked ourselves many times.  Sometimes we think we have the answer, only to wind up asking it again later.  Or, we are going along in life just fine and somebody else asks who the Hell we are, or THINK we are, anyway?  And for a second there, we aren’t 100% sure.

Which can be frustrating.

So, seeing someone who can act like other people, on PURPOSE, and then crawl back in under their own skin is the sort of magic trick that can really attract attention, especially when so many of us are only vaguely familiar with who we ourselves actually are.

Or are all TOO familiar with who we are, and wish we could snap OUR fingers and become somebody else.

I like to think that it is actually kind of therapeutic for audiences to watch a performance in which identities are taken on and discarded, such as in my show or those of other impressionist’s, because it at least demonstrates the POTENTIAL of being in complete control of one’s own identity.  I think that’s good for people to see.

Better than Beckett, anyway, as far as uplifting, life-affirming entertainment is concerned.

Although if you did “Waiting for Godot” with a lot of celebrity impressions…


There are about three more performances scheduled of JIMPRESSIONS, my hilarious one-man impressions show at The Acting Center in Hollywood, Friday March 16, and Friday & Saturday March 23 & 24, at 8 p.m. sharp.

I don’t have any future performances scheduled, as yet, as I am going to be doing some out of town gigs and other work soon.

SO, If YOU are feeling at all uncertain about your identity (and a quick glance at your drivers license isn’t helping any) come to my show; or, conversely, if the issue of YOUR identity is TOTALLY resolved and filed away safely to your own satisfaction, come to JIMPRESSIONS and drag along someone less stably grounded than yourself.

The worst that can happen is that one of you walks out of the theatre thinking they are Christopher Walken.  And these days, that can happen to anybody.

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