As the bitter smoke from the recent election clears (or as smoldering ashes flare up and expel bitter smoke again and again) it seems from where I sit that although we, as Americans and citizens of the world have every reason to feel scandalized by the choices we were given and dismayed by the results obtained, there is every reason to be of good cheer.

The fact is, the political arena is not the one from which solutions to the problems of mankind are evolved.  That comes from the day to day actions of ordinary people like us, doing what we can to help one another, and to quietly make order.  The political world will ramble on and do what they do, and hopefully they will attend to doing more harm than good, so that we might help them, too.

And as for reasons for being of good cheer, which sounds like an asinine, cornball nonsense, but it is intensely practical; being cheerful, or even enthusiastic, will accomplish fifty times more (mathematical estimate my own) than being antagonistic, vitriolic, anger, combative, hostile or glum. 

That’s why in my family, we work to provide reasons to laugh and smile and feel positive about the experience of being alive, and why we shall continue to do so, despite the many invitations to be serious, disappointed, vengeful, cranky and petulant.

We aren’t whistling past the graveyard, we are just peering into a future where graveyards are no longer even necessary.  Where’s that?  I don’t know, but come along and let’s look for it.  Sounds nice to me.

You may agree with me, you may not.  Have a happy holiday season, regardless.