My memories of New York City in the summer always includes big, loud, wet thunderstorms.  It gets monstrously hot and humid, then finally the clouds just LET GO.  I got caught in many when we lived here, soaked deliciously through and through.

Especially great when you are heading to an audition in a suit and tie…

Several things magically appear when it rains- umbrella salesmen blossom, seizing the day.  Like today, when I left my hotel to walk the few blocks down to Radio City Music Hall in a good old NYC downpour.

Another thing that magically appears is hundreds of discarded umbrellas, turned inside out by the winds that careen through the corridor of tall buildings, rendered useless sometimes seconds after purchase.  Disposable!

Something disappears, too, whenever it rains–empty cabs!

Luckily, I’m so close to Radio City, I don’t need to rely on any transportation, and I love to walk in the city, in the rain, the snow, whatever.  In California, we really don’t have weather, we have a sky that changes pastel tones.

Today I had an excellent rehearsal with the producers of America’s Got Talent and we are all on the same page.  I am very excited about Tuesday’s offering and I have plenty of time to really polish it and get it ready.

Last night I was at Radio City, doing some press and hanging out downstairs where they corral us contestants, and we all watched the broadcast together.

Once again, surprises!  I’m delighted that my counterpart in impressions, Angela Hoover is moving on to the Semi Finals, she is a marvelous entertainer.  She did something very, very risky in her set this week, imitated two of the judges.  I have a policy of never doing impressions in front of the celebrities themselves, if I can help it.  It’s a no win for me, since they generally don’t appreciate it, for the simple reason that they don’t hear their voices the way we hear them; they are, like most people, rather put off that their voices sound “weird” on tape.

But America rightly judged Angela as deserving (her Heidi Klum and Mel B impressions were fantastic) and she will be returning to Radio City for more in a few weeks time.

How will I fare?  I intend to be very entertaining and hope that America will be delighted and willing to overlook the fact that I should have grown up and gotten a real job quite a long while ago.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following me on this journey, thanks for voting and spreading the word.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!