A guy I respect a lot, Gary Vaynerchuk has a saying whenever he addresses crowds interested in his take on social media and entrepreneurship: “we are living in the most exciting time in the history of the human race.”

After hearing that half a dozen times, I’ve come to realize that that viewpoint, accurate or not, is, like many of Gary Vee’s utterances, a very revolutionary and a winning point of view.

Consider first the opposite position; that the current age is the least exciting one for humanity, with the least potential. We live, not in the best, but in the bleakest of times.

Isn’t that what the media (on either side of the political spectrum) in America are inferring all the time?

What do magazines and news programs try to sell us? We live in dangerous times, fraught with threatening possibilities amid hopelessly dwindling resources. How could these times possibly be the most exciting, when everything A) is disappearing, B) is deadly or C) is impossibly complicated?

This society seems to advocate not a positive, forward-looking attitude, but ways to become (and stay) numb and out of touch; witness the rise of marijuana dispensaries that have popped up to “cure” people of… what, exactly? Their concerns?

Meanwhile, forward-looking inventors and entrepreneurs, artists and creators daily toss some new innovation into the society, and open up whole new realms for us to explore.

Something’s wrong with this picture.

The Internet changed everything. We can communicate now more rapidly and more broadly than any moment in man’s history. That’s self evident. And though there is still plenty of reactive opposition to progress, and arguments, passion and volatility, there are also more ways to expose falsehoods, and more ways to correct and “hack” things once thought to be too complex or challenging or staid.

Man has existed on this planet for ages without factually being in anything approaching realtime communication with the majority of his/her kind; now, we have a contemporaneous meeting ground where we can explore solutions in the here and now.

Those interested in working to improve the lot of mankind have never had a foundation like that before.

So, think of this, the next time you find yourself under a pile of “unsolvable” problems dumped on you by the evening news; we are living in the age when anyone can reach out engage to improve or discuss or solve the challenges that intrigue them the most.

One can quickly find help, one can communicate and learn, and one doesn’t have to just sit and be a victim, bemoaning the fate of the species.

This is truly the greatest time to be alive.

And, you know what? Even if it’s not… isn’t that a better way to approach life? I tell you, It’s working for me.