Okay, so first off, THANK YOU!

So many people wrote and tweeted and emailed… all the modern communication channels, to tell me they voted and told others to vote… it was just like being bathed in pure love.  I am so grateful and so amazed!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The other thing is… I’m EXHAUSTED!

That was one stressful week.  I tried to sound cheerful and relaxed in my blog, didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, or panic or anything.  Didn’t want anyone to call in sick for work, drive out to New York and buy me a smoothie…

But it was like being on HIGH ALERT for seven straight days, culminating in a suspense-filled evaluation of my ability to be on HIGH ALERT. 

The last thing I’ll say before I crash into bed is this:

I had a BLAST.  Being able to do my impressions, to a full house at Radio City, on live television, to hear the validation of the judges, to a standing ovation with my mom in the audience, with my beautiful wife in the audience, KNOWING that YOU and a thousand other friends were out there pulling for me… was just indescribable.  It was worth all the struggle and the sleepless nights, and the bother of being part of a “reality show.”

So, THANK YOU AGAIN, and I’ll be back again soon to tell you more.Image