Okay, the countdown to my leaving for New York City has truly started; I will be on a plane this coming Tuesday.  My 90 seconds of fame, give or take a few, will then be a week later on Tuesday, August 6th, then the “judgement episode” follows on Wednesday.

I watched the first group of twelve terrific acts as they performed, got critiqued, and then returned the following night to hear what the voting population determined their fate would be.  There were some surprises among the predictable results, nothing too unfair.  Any contest of this sort will ultimately fall far short of any “fairness” yardstick; talent is not quantifiable, after all.

I did notice that I’m going to have to practice standing there for up to 30 seconds while waiting for Nick Cannon to reveal which performer is going to move up in the rankings and who will be going home… that’s a long time to be on the hook!  Man!

I’m not going to lie, it makes me a tad nervous to watch AGT, especially since I am heading directly into the vortex of it all.But my main purpose has not been to win a million dollars, it’s to bring my best performance in front of the broadest audience, in order to delight and uplift people.  The chance to do that on a grand scale is worth all the inconvenience and discomfort of being a fish in a fishbowl, waiting to hear whether I’ll get to go back into the pond or yanked out and slapped on the grill.

So, when you see me on Tuesday, August 6th on NBC for America’s Got Talent, that will be my goal.  And with luck, I’ll get at least TWO chances to entertain you with my JIMPRESSIONS.


Thanks for reading.