Today I finally got to step onstage at Radio City Music Hall.

We blocked my set for the cameras, lighting and sound, and I got to see the view from up there.  Big hall! 

This magnificent theater really is a monument to the era of spectacular, pre-rock arena, live entertainment, an era that still clings to life thanks to the visionary architects of Radio City, which is truly a work of art in itself.

Every aspect of the theater and it’s several lobbies has been designed to harmonize with the whole; the restrooms, the lettering on the external neon signs, the doors, the carpeting, sconces, murals, sculptures… it’s a tour de force of Art Deco and a treasure for everyone who lives in or visits New York.

My friend Kathy was explaining how one of her relatives helped design the mechanism that operates the massive curtain, which has so many different choreographed ways of revealing the stage that it was considered to be a show in itself.  The CURTAIN.

So, it was great to enter at last, to walk down the aisle, approach the stage and hop on to rehearse.  I can tell you it felt very comfortable.  Even in my new shoes.

You’ll see me there, Tuesday night on NBC, 9/8 central!