Meskimen’s Law is a thing.

I discovered it by accident years ago– it was on one of those daily tear off calendar pads, with a quote for the day, and there it was: Meskimen’s Law.

“Meskimen” is not a common name, obviously. I don’t have to tell you.
Imagine my surprise just to see the word in print! And THEN that such a thing existed.

My experience with other Meskimens in general is limited; it’s a rather exclusive club.

I come from a small family- my dad, my sister, who no longer goes by the name Meskimen, my mom, who has always used her stage name of Ross, me, and two others who I kind of made myself: my wife, who very kindly took the name, and my daughter Taylor, who is just borrowing it until she gets married.

So, Meskimen’s Law popped into my universe with a CLANK.

And while that’s mildly interesting, the fact that the law itself seems to be tailor-made for ME… now THAT starts to get weird. I can’t quite wrap my wits around that one. It seems like a glitch in the Matrix.

Okay, so, Meskimen’s Law. Here it is:

“There’s never time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it again.”

Does that mean anything to you? Because for me, it seems to encapsulate my entire existence. Me, a Meskimen.

(Is there a law named after YOU? That intimately describes your life and habits? It’s weird, right?)

Meskimen’s Law accurately describes how I operate in my personal and professional life. Damn it.

It’s true–there’s NEVER time to do it right. And there usually IS time to do it again.

That’s so ME. Not that it’s a quality that I’m proud of. Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing.

Discovering the existence of this law, which is of course now not merely printed on a forgotten calendar pad, but imminently Google-able, is really messing with my mind.

It’d be like if YOU were someone who had the practice or habit of always catching your shirttail in your zipper, and you ran across a law–with YOUR NAME on it– that read, “You always zip your fly, but not without catching your shirttail in it.”

That would feel like someone is spying on you, right?

That’s how I feel about Meskimen’s Law.
Thanks for reading this. I’m sure I could express this better, but I can always revise it later.