Tamra and I are big, BIG fans of classic films, and we watch TCM religiously.

Robert Osbourne is a terrific host, and whoever programs the movies is really doing it right; I’ve been introduced to hundreds of films that blew my mind, that I otherwise would have never seen.

I’ve always enjoyed good black and white films and the classic, unambiguous acting style of the actors and actresses that helped immortalize this amazing art form.

It is a great cultural gift to have these glimpses into the distant and recent past, a link to the speech patterns, manners, styles and habits of a few generations back.  Was 1936 a better time to be alive?  Well, it sure had a lot more style.  And people said what they meant, darn it all!

The voices of characters from these old movies, particularly the bit players, echo in my mind.  So it inspired me to get them out of my head, and perhaps into your ears.

Here’s my version, in audio form, of what I call MCM: Meskimen Classic Movies, and your host, Robert Yawnsmore, of a scene from my imagination called “Stoat Flu OUTBREAK!”  (The voices you hear in this clip are all mine and Tamra’s.)

Happy listening, and ask yourself… are you really getting enough Black and White in your film diet?

Stoat Flu Outbreak poster