“Meskimen is a very talented impressionist, but what’s most, er, impressive here is that he not only imitates obligatory celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, George W. Bush, Jack Nicholson and Jimmy Stewart but also people like George Clooney, Paul Giamatti and Ricky Gervais, celebrities you wouldn’t think were ripe for impressions until you hear his takes on them.”

– New York Times Magazine

“World’s greatest celebrity impressionist.”

– The Today Show, Australia

“Not since Rich Little has there been such a talented and hilarious impressionist.”


“Jim captures the essence of the celebrities he impersonates — from the tightening of the face for former President Bush, to Garrison Keillor’s odd octave changes and looong inhales, to Woody Allen’s patented phrasing and asides — and he slides from one to the other maddeningly effortlessly.”

– John Rabe, Offramp, KPCC FM

“Fifty-eight lines of dramatic Shakespearean text, delivered in 24 famous celebrity voices, expertly imitated in four minutes of YouTube footage by one side-splitting, hyper-observant celebrity impersonator. You could take the time to crunch the numbers, but we’d recommend that you just hit “Play” and be amazed instead.”

– Entertainment

“Have a look. And a listen. And realize that Jim Meskimen is one of our greatest national treasures. Both with eyes wide open and eyes wide shut.”


“In under four minutes, Meskimen’s final tally is 25 different voices. He seems to effortlessly cover a ton of ground, from Ricky Gervais to George W. Bush to Morgan Freeman. We’re sure it took enormous studying and practice, but homeboy doesn’t break a sweat at all in this performance.”

– Huffington Post

You know, Australia’s behind the curve on the Meskimen movement- I’ve been leading that campaign since the 80′s.

– Seth Green, Actor, Creator of Robot Chicken

Jim Meskimen: A Man for All Voices

“Jim Meskimen opens his show, Jimpressions, at the Acting Center in Hollywood, with a pithy, profound statement: “It’s all about the voice!” This enjoyable evening of impersonations and clever humor takes me back in time to Las Vegas showrooms, featuring headliners like Rich Little and Fred Travalena, and their visceral performances of celebrities past and present.

 As Meskimen succinctly states, “there is an infinity of voices — we have stumbled upon in our lifetimes, and clearly recognize — yet each one is unique and special.”

The audience is in for quite a treat, as they get to once again hear the distinct voices of Robin Williams, David Letterman, Jack Nicholson, and President Barack Obama, and many more, as if these larger than life personalities were right on stage themselves!

“It’s a true art to impersonate the famous (and infamous!), from JFK to Truman Capote….it’s not an easy process to learn a specific voice, its tone, inflections and accent, yet Jim Meskimen makes it look easy and effortless, while enjoying every moment. His impressions take us into a world of ‘in the moment’ theatre, fully immersing himself in the character portrayed.

The show covers a range of territories, geographically, from Southern politicians to New York actors. He does a segment, honoring the “New York Greats,” such as Pacino, DeNiro, and Woody Allen; followed by a Presidential walk through memory lane. The audience is transported to another place and time… it’s like fingering the pages of history, and makes one proud and patriotic.

“Jim, passionate about both performing art and visual arts, decided to opt for performing. With his strikingly good looks, amazing voice and talent, along with a chance encounter with Harvey Keitel, his professional venue and crowd-pleasing is the perfect choice.”

–Bonnie Preiver, Tolucan Times


“Not only did I feel like I was in the hands of a major pro, but my face hurt from all the laughing and smiling! The world needs to see this! It is clever and touching and inspirational and just downright GENIUS!”

– Keli Landry, Actress

“JIMPRESSIONS was absolutely and thoroughly delightful and heart-warming.”

– Eric Sherman, Producer/Director

Jim Meskimen gives you a fun evening of good old fashioned comedy that you can bring the whole family to.

– Kathy Kinney, actress, The Drew Carey Show

Famous stars past and present crowd the stage, magically conjured by the silly, singular Meskimen, a vocal magician who pulls characters out of his head — and even more amazing, like Penn & Teller, Jim shows us how he does it… a terrific and different topper of inspired artistic improvisation.

– Phil Proctor, of The Firesign Theatre

“He moved from voice to voice without taking a moment to gather himself and his explanation as to how he analyzed voices, was as compelling as the mimicry.

– Steve Bernstein, cinematographer/director

“I was AMAZED! The way he artfully wove comedy and a heartfelt, personal story around each of his characters was not only hilarious, but also nothing short of masterful! I never expected to be so moved by a comedy show, but I really was, and I thank Jim for these gifts he gave us!”

– Jierra Clark, actress/singer