Now that I’m back home in the bosum of my family, I have had a chance or two to reflect on my experiences with America’s Got Talent.

I had a much better time than I thought I would have in New York City; I had a pretty good amount of free time in a city I love, I got really lucky with the weather, and I got to do my act at Radio City.

There was a last minute hiccup or two; of course, the sound went out for the first 20 seconds or so, and not only couldn’t the TV viewing audience hear me for those precious seconds, but neither could the judges, nor I them.  But I didn’t fully grasp the severity of the problem at the time, and so it didn’t throw me off so that I lost control.  I knew something was up, but I didn’t fully understand what was going on (or NOT going on.)

The other hiccup was a threatened one; the producers told me that if the show ran long, I’d possibly only be able to do six voices, not eight as I had planned.  I decide not to make a big deal out of it, but I was a bit crestfallen with the idea that I would have much less of an impact with fewer voices.  Also, it didn’t even occur to me at the time that my 90 seconds would be reduced because of the other acts running overtime… that seems a bit unfair in retrospect.

I also was told that I might not be able to have George W. Bush on my list (for the audience to Tweet in) because he had gone in for heart surgery that same day as the show. 

So, there were a few last minute things wriggling around backstage and onstage.

As it happened, former Pres. Bush made it thru surgery without a hitch and his name was preserved on the list (although the Tweeting audience opted for Jay Leno) and the show ran remarkably on time, despite the cobra.  So I was told a few minutes before I went on that I could do eight voices instead of a truncated six. Phew!

All in all, I was very happy with the results, and you can see the act by clicking HERE if you are interested.  

I owe a big, BIG thank you to everyone who spent time watching the show and voting on multiple platforms, and for all the kind words.

I’ll be presenting my live JIMPRESSIONS show on Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. back in Hollywood, at The Acting Center Theatre, 5514 Hollywood Blvd, LA CA 90038.  Click here for tickets: