The little web series that could, The Impression Guys, has continued to chug-chug-chug up the track and has made it over the hump! Now, as IMPRESS ME, the story of Jim & Ross, two impressionists who long to be taken seriously as actors has made it to TV on the new cable channel Pop.

Writer/director Ben Shelton spoke to me about the evolution of his initial pilot on my podcast HERE.

You can catch the show, all 13 episodes rolling out over the coming weeks, on Pop. New episodes every Wednesday at 10:30/9:30 central.

We were very fortunate to have some exceptional guest stars during the series, including “Weird Al” Yankovic, Erika Christensen, Beth Reisgraf and Kevin Pollack.

For your local channel number, go to and plug in your zip code.

And please write and let me know what you think!