It’s interesting that we have entered into a sort of “Golden Age” of help.

If you are looking for help with your kids, your business, getting a book published, learning to tie a bow tie, making slime, (because… slime!) and if you’re not finding help anywhere, you just aren’t looking.

There are tons of people out there offering to help on things I’ve never heard of. Go on YouTube and research HOW TO… you’ll find a collection of videos on topics you probably never knew existed, let alone thought anyone could be helped with.

The great and powerful Internet, with its diabolical potential to destabilize the privacy of mankind, is also a massive conduit for unprecedented help in just about every aspect of life imaginable.

So, that’s something to think about, perhaps to revive yourself after listening to the news has rendered you unconscious with worry, there ARE lots of people out there willing and, apparently, capable of helping out.

Even as I write this, thousands of people from every walk of life have gone to storm flattened areas of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean to make order after the chaos of two hurricanes. Mankind is basically good, and helpful.

Even in the most recent tragedy in Las Vegas, there have been thousands of selfless efforts to help. No doubt we will be hearing about them in the coming weeks and months.

Like you, I too enjoy helping others. Even before I was really able to, when I was small, I had the impulse to help. While my abilities were not always up to the level of my willingness, I still always tried to help.

These days, one of the things I appreciate about the digital age is that people from anywhere on the globe can ask me questions, and I can perhaps help them improve their lives.

It’s a nice feeling when somebody from Finland or Tasmania sends me an email or a message on Twitter asking about voice acting or impressions. I get the illusion that I am making friends, and that the potential for making more friends is infinite. That feels like legitimate “wealth” to me.

Of course, as a Scientologist (or maybe not “of course”, in case you weren’t aware of it) I have a lot of abilities regarding helping others, and can direct people to some very positive and life-changing sources of help, for all the really personal, gnarly problems that mankind faces these days.

I’m sure if you took a moment to consider it, you actually help a lot of people every day.

It’s rewarding when someone accepts help; it’s a wonderful sensation, and the main thing that separates us, I think, from the soulless machines that more and more play a hand in our lives.

If we find ourselves injured and bleeding on the side of the road, with our iPhone nearby, even if somehow Siri could ask, “Is there anything I can do for you?” it would pale in comparison to the offer of help from a non-digital stranger. And who knows where that friendship might lead?

Surely help is what makes us human, what makes us us. Let’s double-down on THAT.