Thanks to our friends at SoulPancake, and the overwhelmingly good reaction to our first six episodes, you’ll be seeing 7 more episodes of The Impression Guys!


We’re calling it “Season One- Part Two.”


I’m delighted to soon be working again with the brilliant writer/director Ben Shelton, Ross Marquand, Piotr Michael, Dana DeLorenzo, Angela Kinsey, Amy Castle, and although it’s premature for specifics, we will have some new impressionist/actors guest starring on The Impression Guys.


So far the response has been very encouraging; I’ve met people wherever I go that love the show. Tamra and I were up in Santa Cruz in March and were both recognized when we walked out of a store by a guy who had just been watching one of our episodes! I think we blew his mind.


If The Impression Guys were a big network show, I guess they would put our faces on bus signs and on kiosks, maybe a blimp… For now we have to rely on word of mouth and social media to find our audience, so thank YOU for watching and helping us get the word out.


It’s very flattering, frankly, that SoulPancake has felt so confident in our show to keep us in production. I’m so glad to be part of this project, especially for its positivity, which is a SoulPancake hallmark, and which generally doesn’t mix with YouTube comedy sites. The high level of creativity and of course, remarkable impressionists doing what they do best are two more reasons I feel very fortunate indeed.


I’m sure you’ve already seen all six of our current episodes, but if not, here’s where to start catching up on all the episodes so far: