Last week, when I wrote about the inspiration for my own Professor Knestor Jackdaws, my old teacher from UCSC Jasper Rose, I casually requested that if anyone knew how to locate him to please pass any information along to me.
Within hours, several friends had contacted me and I not only had a fairly recent photo of him, painting beside the canals at Bath, near Somerset, England, but also his purported mailing address.
I can tell you the speed of such information, let alone the prospect of somehow coming back into contact with a man who has had such an influence over my life, an influence that continues to increase, was enough to make me sort of float around in a dreamily pleasant state all day.
My next goal is to actually visit him in England this summer and express personally my deep gratitude and admiration. I think if I can pull it off, it will be a wonderful chapter in my life, at least, although it might not provide much more than a patient smile from the target of my affection.
In any case, thanks for the help in locating an old friend; somehow just knowing he is still out and about makes me very content.


Jasper Rose in 1974.