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This virus, if it has a goal wants every one of us to slow, and strives to foster discontent and squash all our accomplishment. Should we give in to such a ploy, as microscopic things [...]

On The Fly

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Now and again, it brings on shivers to think of life devoid of zippers Those metal teeth that grant us closure and quell prohibited exposure. Buttons pop, drawstrings come loose Velcro has specific use, But [...]

The Hipster

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The hipster, latte cup in hand, surveys the restaurant, and cares not if his habits paint him as a dilettante. A billion years of evolution have lead to what we see- the hybrid combination: Man [...]


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One day our dog, of all strange things, spontaneously sprouted wings. As charming as it seemed to us, our spirited canine Pegasus was soon cavorting in the air creating chaos everywhere! Once he began, he [...]


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Congratulations, Mister Snake You gave my universe a shake! I thought I knew you well, instead, I didn’t spot your diamond head, Nor did I spy your scaly coils When you made me your comic [...]


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A poem walked down a busy street And saw a friend she’d like to meet. So, off the sunny curb she strode Into the middle of the road. Distracted by the friend she spied, she [...]

Poor Ned

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Poor Ned, in times of great distress Would hide himself beneath his desk. To answer threats both great or small he wouldn’t leave his spot at all, And hid there to allay his fears, remaining [...]


By |2019-10-13T17:11:29+00:00October 13th, 2019|Uncategorized| Way back in 2011, I had my very first viral video, Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices I watched breathless, as in a few days it surpassed half a million views, changing my life forever. It [...]

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