Poor Ned

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Poor Ned, in times of great distress Would hide himself beneath his desk. To answer threats both great or small he wouldn’t leave his spot at all, And hid there to allay his fears, remaining [...]


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rPKeUXjEvE&feature=youtu.be Way back in 2011, I had my very first viral video, Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices I watched breathless, as in a few days it surpassed half a million views, changing my life forever. It [...]


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There exists in Paris a peculiar intersection that has come to be known as “The Intersection of Arguments.” In a city of narrow streets, this crossing in the 4th Arrondissement, a tony part of Paris [...]


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I have some thoughts about turning 60 today. You can possibly guess what they are. Obvious fact #1: The age one looks is different from the way one feels. Obvious fact #2: As longevity increases [...]

Who Will Defend The Mosquito?

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I was thinking last night about mosquitos. I was thinking about what I recently heard an intelligent fellow on a podcast opine, that if in some future time when it becomes possible for humans to [...]

The Lie of Growing Old

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The worst part about getting older isn’t how you feel yourself about to wind up on the shelf, but how one loses sight of what is true. You buy the lie That you are old, [...]

Marijuana Memories

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I started using marijuana in high school because I was nervous about sex.At 17, I still had not successfully had sexual relations with a girl, and the social and hormonal pressures were intense. The 70’s [...]

PARIS, Part 2: Top of the Arc

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6/11/19 The line into the Louvre was a bit daunting.  This wasn’t the tourist season, so I was surprised to see thousands of people in line to buy tickets and enter this famous museum. You [...]