The Spark

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What makes the boulder split? Not thunderbolt, nor hurtling meteor or earthquake's jolt. To delicate and gossamer and fairy-fingered life the spalled rock cracks, surrenders. Once formidable, now hastening toward decline. Thus toils the lichen, [...]

In Appreciation of Sunflowers

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A single sunflower is some of the best evidence I know that miracles happen, not once, but often;  innumerable as blossoms. Infinite, perhaps, or nearly. That’s good enough for me. I’m a big fan of [...]


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“Change all the traffic lights in town from yellow, red and green to only yellow– THAT will bring improvement to the scene!” So said our mayor, in response to problems in our town, and passed [...]

The Unfortunate Captain

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The passengers contentedly aboard the tall ship Liberty untroubled were by distant clouds which faultless eyesight scarce allowed. The captain didn’t help at all. Quoth he, “Yon storm is no mere squall, it’s Noah’s flood! [...]

The Beat Goes On

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Roland, when he pondered it Felt that his heart would up and quit. This normally quite rational guy was certain he would shortly die. For when he let attention stray it wound up in his [...]


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Peace and war, while distinct situations are alike CREATIONS of mankind, all on their own or combined in separate nations. Create the PEACE you want to see around, not by holding others down, not by [...]


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God tripped one day and made the world. Our very universe unfurled because, (not following a plot, nor any plan–mein Gott!) a chain reaction soon transpired as unintentionally was sired an infinite parade of stuff [...]


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I have a friend I’ve never met I met him on the Internet He knows my birthday, I know his, we’ve both shared photos of our kids, We both hold not dissimilar views, and share [...]


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