• Jim Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 74

    January 31, 2024

    Deadline: February 25, 2024

  • Jim Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 74

    January 7, 2024

    Deadline: Ended
    Bruce Bowden

    “I’m sure they’ll fix your room’s walk-in shower soon, Governor.”

  • Jim Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 73

    December 5, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Keili Lefkovitz

    "Dear Anne, Time Share not as advertised. Please pack your heavy petticoat. Yours truly, Chilly Willy"

  • Jim Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 72

    October 29, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Karri Shaw and Gil Miller!

    “I’m telling you Glarb, I don’t need the human head mask – everyone here is accepting me for who I am!” "Finally! The one day a year I don’t have to wear this dumb mask."

  • Jim Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 71

    September 8, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Eric Krackow

    “Fly Lives Matter.”

  • Jim Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 70

    August 2, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Danny Mann

    "Well, you can kiss your deductible goodbye…"

  • June 28, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Hunter Hopewell 

    "Unfortunately for Dan, there was an expert in the audience on crossing roads and the reasons behind it."

  • Jim-Meskimen - Cartoon Contest - 68

    May 13, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    David N. Aitken

    “Sorry, we still don’t know who the sperm donor is, but we will be looking.”

  • Jim Meskimen - Caption Contest - 67

    March 17, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Evan Berry

    “Excuse me, kids — I’ve been trying to find the hair salon at this address for five years. Do either of you happen to have a merit badge for pet grooming?”

  • Jim Meskimen - Caption Contest - 2803

    February 1, 2023

    Deadline: Ended
    Kevin Nalty

    “Yes, it's a large hole and YES, I leave in 5 minutes. But no pressure to sew it... I've gone more than two years without pants and will be fine at my client workshop!”