10 05, 2020

Old Age is a Temporary Condition

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The temporary condition of old age passes like the turning of a page with all the stealth with which it may approach, more gradually than one can easily note. It doesn’t last as long as [...]

3 05, 2020

Beware Of Swan

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The gentle swan With graceful neck A placid, floating sight Though ever fond, None would suspect It could inspire such fright. This oh-so elegant waterfowl that inspired a grand ballet, when angered will not be [...]

22 04, 2020

New Cautionary Poem: SEBASTIAN

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Sebastian liked to play the slots, in fact, he played them lots and lots. Infrequently he’d win, but then would promptly start to lose again. His youth was spent, the lion’s portion, gambling away a [...]

17 04, 2020


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Why topple towers or raze empires and pulverize to dust an edifice of ages past much better left to rust? Why dominate and lay to waste a citadel revered, instead of raising one yourself entirely [...]

9 04, 2020


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For centuries or so it seems, (interminable quarantine!) From dusk to dawn and in between I’m staring inches from a screen. Each cluttered area I’ve cleaned; From human contact I’ve been weaned My eyes are [...]

19 03, 2020

Poor Marcy

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Marcy watched the nightly news before she settled off to snooze, but in the morning, close to dawn poor Marcy switched the news back on. At various times throughout her day she’d check what anchors [...]

19 03, 2020


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This virus, if it has a goal wants every one of us to slow, and strives to foster discontent and squash all our accomplishment. Should we give in to such a ploy, as microscopic things [...]

3 03, 2020

On The Fly

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Now and again, it brings on shivers to think of life devoid of zippers Those metal teeth that grant us closure and quell prohibited exposure. Buttons pop, drawstrings come loose Velcro has specific use, But [...]

20 02, 2020

The Hipster

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The hipster, latte cup in hand, surveys the restaurant, and cares not if his habits paint him as a dilettante. A billion years of evolution have lead to what we see- the hybrid combination: Man [...]

20 02, 2020


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One day our dog, of all strange things, spontaneously sprouted wings. As charming as it seemed to us, our spirited canine Pegasus was soon cavorting in the air creating chaos everywhere! Once he began, he [...]