This weekend I had the good fortune of being invited back to Santa Cruz again, where I spent most of my college days.

The UCSC Alumni Association was kind enough to hire me to come MC and do some of my JIMPRESSIONS at an evening of music by local alums at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center, one of the nicer jazz clubs in Northern California.

The performers were: Ebony Lewis, a gospel singer who sang a joyous a capella set, a group called The Uke Ellington Quartet, featuring ukelele’s, bass and vocals, a very gifted guitarist named Carl Atilano who created an amazing guitar version of the Radiohead song, Everything in its Right Place (which is impossible), Kendra McKinley, a recent grad who is a marvelous singer/songwriter, and lastly, two guys (Casey Dayan and Sean Campbell) that make up a band called Moo. 

So you can see how an impressionist fit right in there.

I had a wonderful time.  There were alumni from across the decades of the University’s history, from the 70’s to present day.  Everybody enjoyed the terrific music from the performers that were there, and I had a great time introducing them, doing comedy and bits from my show.

Thanks to my old roommate, Bruce Leshan, for forwarding my videos to Allison Garcia of UCSC, which lead to my being invited.

The weather was uncharacteristically warm and dry, and it really was a perfect little getaway.  Afterwards, Tamra and I watched “The Wolf of Wall Street” and we laughed and laughed… who knew it was a comedy?  I guess I missed that. 

The next day we took a few hours to enjoy the natural beauty of the seaside, and local redwood forests.  Man, it’s a lovely place to visit.

We just made it home later that day to go to the Parks & Recreation season six wrap party, which was nice.  We didn’t stay long, but got to see everyone I know on the show. 

Busy little weekend, with a lot of variety, so it seemed longer than two days.  Which is good, since they stiffed us an hour this weekend due to Daylight Savings Time.

Hope you are enjoying The Impression Guys on YouTube.