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In the same way people say they’ve lived through different presidents, music styles or technologies, I can say with honesty that I have now lived through more than a few periods of comedy. And just [...]

The Grape That Ate Connecticut

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Today I walked outside my home and looked around at the lovely blue sky, the sunshine, and felt the familiar, pleasant late summer dry air that greeted me. I marked it by saying aloud, “September [...]

The Age of Memory

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There was once, if museum directors and archeologists are to be trusted, an era known as the Stone Age. There have been other Ages, marked by mankind’s game-changing technical advancements, including the Bronze Age, the [...]

Compassion is the New Cynicism

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With social media and the internet exposing every aspect of how life really is on this planet, and the actual condition of mankind, not the sugar-coated, segmented, isolated condition of some presumed “average”, our species [...]