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This week we completed five days of shooting MORE material for season one of The Impression Guys this week, and I came away feeling really wonderful about the project.Finishing up work a show can be [...]


By |2023-03-04T23:02:34-08:00January 19th, 2014|Blog, Uncategorized|

I’m just taking a brief breath between days of shooting some additional material to flesh out Season One of The Impression Guys, our soon-to-be-released web series, and I’m marveling once again at the serendipity of [...]

Back In Production

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Well, the new year is already speeding ahead like a car you left in the driveway of your old house (after you’d been drinking) without putting the emergency brake on, and it rolls down the [...]

Bullets Dodged

By |2023-03-04T23:02:34-08:00January 12th, 2014|Blog, Uncategorized|

I just finished narrating a very well-written, but ultimately depressing autobiographical story by Blake Bailey, entitled The Splendid Things We Planned, about a dysfunctional family. I guess one could say that the family I had [...]


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