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This month, my wife Tamra and I will observe two alarming anniversaries.

Our 30th wedding anniversary. And our 40th high school graduation anniversary.

(We both went to the same high school and graduated in the same year, although we weren’t a couple then. We were in one play together, Cyrano DeBergerac.)

As it always does, Time seems to have ambushed us.

I’m looking forward to the wedding anniversary. The high school one? I feel like I’m getting ready to get a full body search at LAX.

I’ve learned from my eternally youthful mom that age is a state of mind. If you don’t agree to be old, you stay younger than if you agree.

There just seem to be a lot more things to disagree with these days. And going to a 40th high school reunion seems like going into the boxing ring with something massive that will require a TON of disagreeing with.

Most of our school mates will have full grown adult children, as do we. Many will be divorced. Some will be retiring from successful businesses.

A few are in the arts, I think. I’m pretty sure they won’t be retiring.

Anyway, it’s going to be interesting.

The wedding anniversary is one I’m very happy about. That event, that milestone, is a constructive one; it’s something we built together. The high school one seems like something that has come due, like a bill, or a jury duty summons.

Life goes on. That’s the good part. The fact that you have to label parts of it with a time code… that’s distracting.

Lesson?  Agree to disagree.

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    Dali & Ofra

    We Love you to pieces. But you Two know that already... Lets enjoy each other for a long, long time. 3

    • Reply

      Jim Meskimen

      Thank you! I agree! Love you both, jim

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    Bryan Hall

    "A few are in the arts, I think. I’m pretty sure they won’t be retiring." This struck me two ways: 1) it's a sad cliche that many artists cannot afford to retire, and 2) why would a Creator want to stop creating for "retirement"? I'm trying my hand at disagreeing with number one and I never fully considered two until now. Great post.

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      Jim Meskimen

      I wasn't even considering number 1! I guess I'm cured! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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