The Day Before THE DAY

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So, what did I do on my "day off" before I go on TV tomorrow night on America's Got Talent at Radio City?After a brief, somewhat perfunctory hair appointment, I had lunch with my very [...]


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DAY FIVE IN NEW YORK CITY:You might wonder, what the heck takes so long that you have to be in New York City an entire week prior to the broadcast of America's Got Talent?Well, it's [...]


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I'm now officially in production on America's Got Talent! Today I did an interview, met with producers and actually walked around backstage at Radio City Music Hall; haven't seen the stage yet, but that is [...]

Getting Out the Vote

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Okay, here's the whole deal on the America's Got Talent voting:My act will be presented live on NBC on Tuesday, August 6th; the show starts at 9 pm/8 Central time.I'll be attempting to do something [...]

My Other Biggest Fan

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My mom, actress Marion Ross, has been a fan of mine for a long time.  Since I used to dance around our house in the Valley in my pajamas to Gaîté Parisienne. The photo above [...]

My Singular Unimportance

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I think I had better keep a daily blog for at least the next few weeks, as I go on through this America’s Got Talent evolution.I’m in a holding pattern at the moment, waiting to [...]