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Jim Does Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices

World’s Greatest Impressionist on The Today Show, Australia

Jim performs on America’s Got Talent

Jim Meskimen at EG 6: Celebrity Alphabet

Celebrity Impressions Secrets Revealed

Jim Lets America Choose His Act – America’s Got Talent 2013

A popular show Jim did on the top New York Actors

Mind-Bending Celebrity Hybrid Impressions, from live JIMPRESSIONS show

New Year’s Eve Show Performance

Morgan Freeman Narrates Your Life: Jim picks someone in the audience to do this for.

Jim Meskimen & Ross Marquand The Impression Guys, Live

Arnold Schwartzenegger lessons by Jim Meskimen

Shakespeare LIVE at EG 6

Jim Improvises a new Bob Dylan song

More Celebrity Haiku from Jim Meskimen

Twas The Night Before Christmas in Celebrity Voices

Watching You Watch Him by Impressionist Jim Meskimen

Impressions of Robert De Niro and Robin Williams – America’s Got Talent 2013