30 11, 2015

Last year’s trends

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23 07, 2015

Bill Cosby and the Failure of Our Heroes

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The Bill Cosby “trial”, currently proceeding luridly in the so-called “court of public opinion”, is a very telling indicator of a material culture with severe moral blindspots. It's ugly on many counts; the very nature [...]

19 05, 2015

Hitting the Road as a Speaker

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I was contracted by a company that hosts conferences for Government/IT divisions for various state governments around the country last year, to deliver morning keynote addresses throughout 2015. With a lot of help from my [...]

28 03, 2015

IMPRESS ME is now a TV show!

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The little web series that could, The Impression Guys, has continued to chug-chug-chug up the track and has made it over the hump! Now, as IMPRESS ME, the story of Jim & Ross, two impressionists [...]

2 03, 2015


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I can't believe it is March already!  So many things have happened, and the year is getting set up to be one of my busiest yet! From commercials, TV shows, voiceovers, animation, audio book recordings, [...]

12 08, 2014

Jim Meskimen Podcast #1

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[ca_audio url_mp3="" url_ogg="" align="none"] Jim Meskimen Podcast #1 My first self-originated podcast. I talk about events of the last day or so, which happen to include the triumph of Paul McCartney and the tragedy of [...]

9 06, 2014


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You probably won’t remember this blog entry when it becomes most useful to you. And probably neither will I… There’s something I’ve discovered about myself which gets more acute over time and that is, that [...]

9 06, 2014

What I Believe

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As of May 13, 2014… I believe that mankind is good. Far more good than evil. I believe that life is enduring. I believe that everything moves forward and on and on. I believe that [...]