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In my youth, I believed that when I got to be a certain age, (such as the age I am now) I would have become “wise”. Silly me. That’s almost as silly as believing that [...]

Fiction: The Mulberry Tree

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This is a story that flitted into my mind one morning a couple of weeks ago, and reminded me of stories I’ve read in The New Yorker magazine written by Japanese writers and translated into [...]


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My mother, Marion Ross, to whom I owe so much, is celebrating her 90th birthday this month. She’s had such an inspiring and positive effect on my life and on the lives of my family, [...]


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As empathy is a part of the physical universe, it naturally has an evil twin. In my case, my empathy has helped me to master impressions and create performances, as well as paintings, illustrations, portraits, [...]


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In the same way people say they’ve lived through different presidents, music styles or technologies, I can say with honesty that I have now lived through more than a few periods of comedy. And just [...]

The Grape That Ate Connecticut

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Today I walked outside my home and looked around at the lovely blue sky, the sunshine, and felt the familiar, pleasant late summer dry air that greeted me. I marked it by saying aloud, “September [...]

The Age of Memory

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There was once, if museum directors and archeologists are to be trusted, an era known as the Stone Age. There have been other Ages, marked by mankind’s game-changing technical advancements, including the Bronze Age, the [...]

Compassion is the New Cynicism

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With social media and the internet exposing every aspect of how life really is on this planet, and the actual condition of mankind, not the sugar-coated, segmented, isolated condition of some presumed “average”, our species [...]


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I came across an interesting collection from “George Washington’s 110 Rules”. They come from something called, The Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, (As memorized by George Washington as a youth. [...]